Water Safety Signs - These Activities Are Prohibited In This Area

These Activities Are Prohibited In This Area Metal 600 X 900 Mm

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1st June 2017

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  • Reduce the risk of drowning and serious accidents.
  • Ideal for swimming pools, lakes, beaches and other recreational areas.
  • Use rust proof polypropylene for salt water areas.
  • Specify up to 4 prohibition pictograms. Eg; No Swimming, No Surfing, No Water Sking, No Fishing

Click below on "Additional Information" for user intructions.

  Additional Information

Step 1 : Style Selection

Choose your style from:

- 2 Picto

- 3 Picto

- 4 Picto

Step 2: Personalization

Personalisation1. Click on or the "Next Step >>" button or

"Step 2: Personalization" (all shown right).

2. Click "Change Graphic" button or double click and select the required picto (all shown below).

Change Graphic

The following pop-up will appear:

3. Either double click on the required picto or click on the required picto and click the "OK" button to select a picto (both shown above).

4. Repeat 1-3 (above) for each of the pictos in your sign.

5. You are now ready to order, enter your required quantity and then click add to cart!

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