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Bodyguard Personal Attack Alarm With Torch And Strobe Light

$39.66 Incl. GST

  • Unique built-in strobe torch alarm flashes brightly when activated to attract attention

  • Ripcord activation 130db siren 58 mm / 70 mm / 24 mm (w/h/d)

  • Convenient test button facility fitted with a handy belt/key ring clip

  • Comes with 9v battery provides up to 4 hours continuous use

Call on 1800 531 484 for availability


This personal attack alarm is different from a security system as it is designed to be carried for personal safety. It helps a person who carries the alarm to draw attention or to frighten or startle an attacker. The alarm gets activated by use of a ripcord and can be switched off only by replacing the pin. When triggered, it emits a 130 dB siren that is audible at distances of up to half a mile. It also has a built-in strobe torch that flashes brightly. This alarm has a rugged outer casing and also comes with a wall-mount bracket.

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