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Emergency Combination Deluge Showers with Aerated Eye/Face Wash

  • Combination deluge safety shower with aerated eye/face wash
  • Supplied with a stay open full flow ball valve, shower activated by a triangle pull rod
  • Face wash flow rate is 30L/Min at 140 kpa
  • Shower flow rate Is 75L/Min At 140 kpa
  • Eyewash provides the minimum required
  • 12 litres per minute for both eyes
  • Hand and foot operated
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Emergency Combination Deluge Showers with Aerated Eye/Face Wash

Restricted Area Signs - High Voltage Keep Out

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Emergency Combination Deluge Showers with Aerated Eye/Face Wash

  • Stainless Steel Eye Wash

    Constructed of Stainless Steel, this unit provides high level performance in the most demanding environments. The Eye/Face wash is engineered to provide a fast cleansing, low velocity first aid curtain of aerated water that washes eye and face contours gently, efficiently and safely. It is activated by a push handle and connecting foot pedal. Spray pattern is a 23 x 20cm (460 sq cm) curtain of soft, aerated water, with individual spray head volume control assuring proper spray pattern under varying water pressure. Flow rate is 30L/min at 140 Kpa.

    Emergency Shower

    The shower is non clogging and self cleaning. The impeller action of these heads distributes floods of water without voids in the shower pattern, that ensures complete body coverage for faster decontamination. The shower is activated by a rigid pull down triangular pendant handle. Flow rate is 75 L/min at 140 Kpa. The minimum recommended water supply for the unit is 25mm IPS. It requires 32mm (1.25 BSPM) standard 1650mm above floor level. Standards recommend 15 minutes continuous water during an emergency. Ideal for any site that store and handles hazardous liquids.


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