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Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet Value Range 350L Yellow

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Item is heavy or bulky

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This value-priced Flammable Liquid Cabinet is compliant with AS1940 - 2017 and is perfect for storing flammable goods. Protect your valued employees and enjoy peace of mind at work thanks to its trusty Alloy 3-point locking mechanism and strengthened sump.
Estimated Dispatch Date: 24/07/2024

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Capacity 350L
Colour Yellow
Compliance AS1940 - 2017
Height 1925mm
Supplier Brand Value
Type Flammable
UOM Each
Warranty 7 Years
Weight 222kg
Width 1400mm

Product Details

Powder Coated Steel is durable and tough

Comes with three adjustable shelf
that is easy to customise

Competitive 7 year warranty

Alloy 3 point locking system
Keeps an airtight seal on the dangerous goods inside

Capacity of 350 Litres

Store a wide variety of flammable liquids safely

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider when purchasing a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet?

When purchasing a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet, it is important to consider the quantities you need to store, the size of the containers and the potential location of the storage cabinet. These three factors should influence your purchasing decision.

Can I use this product outdoors?

This product is for indoor use only. Please refer to our user guide for more technical information. We also have an extensive range of high-quality outdoor cabinets here

Are these storage cabinets rust proof?

Seton’s range of flammable liquid storage cabinets are rust resistant if stored indoors. If you need a cabinet for outdoor use please buy from our range of outdoor cabinets available here

What are flammable liquids?

Flammable liquids are classified by the temperature they will ignite, and their boiling point. They are classified as Class 3 dangerous goods in your chemicals SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Common examples include fuels, solvents and thinners, alcohols, oil-based paints and resins.

What can be stored in a flammable liquid cabinet?

Not all dangerous goods can be stored in a flammable liquid cabinet. According to the regulations provided by AS1940:2017, only Class 3 flammable goods can be stored. These include Petrol, Methylated Spirits, Acetone, Aerosols and Mineral Spirits (also known as ‘paint thinners’). This also includes flammable alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Can you store Flammable Liquids outside of a Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet?

Please refer to the Safe Work Australia Guide on the storage of flammable liquids. Safe Work Australia is a trusted source and a competent authority on storing flammable goods.


Do I need to lock my flammable liquid storage cabinet?

According to AS 1940:2017, it is not a mandatory requirement to lock your flammable liquid storage cabinet. However, this is dependent on how your business uses its storage cabinet. If the contents of your cabinets are extremely flammable and only certain people can use them, locking your cabinet could be a useful risk control measure.

Where can I put a Flammable Liquids Cabinet?

We recommend storing a flammable liquid cabinet indoors. It is important that your flammable liquid storage cabinet is at least 3m away from an ignition source. Keeping your flammable liquid cabinet on solid level ground on the ground floor of your building will provide you with a valuable long term storage option.

What signs do I need to put on my flammable liquid cabinet?

According to Australian Standard AS1940:2017, a flammable liquid storage cabinet requires a ‘NO SMOKING, NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3m’ warning placard and a Class 3 Flammable Liquids - Dangerous Goods Label. The correct use of these signs is dictated by ADG Code (Australian Dangerous Goods Code) and should be used as a guideline when purchasing signs for your flammable liquid storage cabinet. Our cabinets come with all the required signs included for the outside of the storage cabinet.

Can I put a flammable liquid storage cabinet next to a powerpoint or electrical outlet?

Flammable Liquid cabinets should never be installed within 3m of an ignition source. Overloaded power outlets could potentially ignite flammable vapours from inside the cabinet.

Do I need to have a safety shower and eyewash station next to my cabinet?

If you or your workers are at risk of eye or skin injury from the combustible liquids stored inside your flammable liquid cabinet, you will need first aid equipment on site. We recommend an authorised risk assessment to assess potential risks in your workplace.

Do you sell outdoor flammable liquid storage cabinets?

Yes, we do. You can find our extensive range of outdoor flammable liquid storage cabinets here. We have a wide range of outdoor storage options, especially for those in the road and rail transport industries, warehousing and construction.


  • 3 adjustable shelves to suit a variety of applications
  • Competitive 7 year Warranty
  • Alloy 3 point latch locking mechanism which keeps an airtight seal on the goods inside
  • 100mm high metal skids easily fit a Forklift or Pallet Jack

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity - 350L
  • Is this a heavy item? - Yes
  • Supplier Brand - Brady
  • Colour - Yellow
  • Material - Powder Coated Steel
  • Volume - 350L
  • External Dimensions (H x W x D) - 1925 x 1400 x 500mm
  • Internal Dimensions (H x W x D) - 1845 x 1350 x 420mm
  • Weight - 222kg

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