6 Workplace Mistakes You Can’t afford

Mistakes can be costly so keep your workplace free of hazards and dangers. We all want to know our family and friends (and ourselves!) can get home safely after a day’s work. The key to getting everyone home safely is knowing some common workplace mistakes and how to prevent them from happening.

Mistake 1: Not having enough signs or visual cues at work

We can use signs, symbols and graphic images to help people quickly understand messages within different areas around the workplace. These messages can even be colour coded or sized appropriately to the area or type of action necessary to keep safe. So often at work, the hazards present are unclear and accidents can happen because signs and symbols are nowhere to be seen. Also, it is necessary under the Health and Safety Regulations 1996 to maintain safety signs at work.

How to Prevent it:

Mistake 2: Using the wrong tool for the job

When you use the wrong tool for the job you are asking for trouble. It can cause unnecessary danger and create ineffective results. Did you know that using the wrong kind of trolley or hand truck for moving goods can result in injury or damage to products?

How to Prevent it:

  • Take some more time to get the right tool for the job.
  • Remember, the right tool for the job can help you work quicker and produce the right results the first time.
  • Implement these key steps to prevent manual handling injuries

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Mistake 3: Removing or not wearing protective equipment

Some tasks need the appropriate amount of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and this is very important to prevent injuries and accidents. Not wearing a face mask or appropriate gloves, for example, can result in severe injuries. So no matter what the weather or conditions - each job must be met with the right level of PPE to get the job done safely.

How to Prevent it:

  • Conduct a PPE Assessment to understand and identify the necessary PPE for your company’s jobs.
  • Ensure all PPE fits each worker correctly.
  • Keep the right equipment on for the duration of every relevant work task.

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Mistake 4: Using a ladder when you need scaffolding

When it comes to safety at work, use the right tool and equipment for the job. It’s that simple. Ladders are fit for a purpose. Scaffolding is fit for an entirely different purpose than ladders. While scaffolding can take lots of time, cost much more and is more of a hassle, it is sometimes the only solution for the job and should be taken very seriously. There have been many falls at work this year due to incorrect use of scaffolding1, and we want to make sure we all learn from these mistakes. The risks far outweigh the reward.

How to Prevent it:

  • Have the right equipment when working with heights - make sure scaffolds and ladders are both checked and compliant.
  • Don’t take shortcuts. The risks can be fatal. If in doubt, speak to your manager.
  • Conduct training on the best way to setup and use scaffolding when it is needed.

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Mistake 5: Skipping machine & equipment inspections

Maintaining your equipment inspection intervals can help your workplace to be more productive and effective. Always have your machinery inspected before the audit date to reduce unnecessary risk of equipment failure or production downtime. Inspectors can find hidden dangers that you may not have noticed. Ensuring that your machines are functioning at their optimum can help keep your business running and improve workplace safety.

How to Prevent it:

  • Keep machines up to date and inspected before audit dates.
  • Remember, compliant and risk-free machinery can help you improve productivity and safety.
  • Implement a Lockout Tagout process and use Lockout Tagout devices when performing machinery maintenance and inspections to prevent employees from being exposed to hazardous energy sources and sustain injuries

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Mistake 6: Not reviewing safety guidelines each year

All workers must have safety guidelines in mind when they are at work. Every year, whether guides have changed or not, workers must review and reassess the safety guidelines to help prevent accidents and look after their colleagues. Safety training should happen on a regular basis and be up to date with regulatory and facility changes.

How to Prevent it:

  • Review your guidelines with your manager.
  • Allocate regular sessions to undertake safety training.
  • Take your safety seriously and look after your work mates.

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You can’t afford to make these safety mistakes at work. The cost can be financial with fines and penalties, but the physical and mental cost can be far greater. Making simple mistakes at work can result in injuries or fatalities - so hazards and dangers must be considered and catered for. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t forget, ongoing training and inspections are important steps to help maintain work standards and ensure that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to safety.


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