No matter what kind of beach goer you are, here are 5 ways to make your trip to be beach a safer one

Everyone enjoys the beach. It’s a haven for surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, snorkelers and sand castle builders.

Here are 5 ways to make your trip to the beach a safer one.

1. Check Weather Conditions

Plan ahead and check the weather before you go. You can also check for notices of beach closures and dangerous surf conditions online at, an online resource that’s brought to you by Surf Life Saving Australia.

2. Swim Between the Flags

The red and yellow flags at a beach show the area of the beach that is supervised and operated by lifesavers. If a beach does not have these red and yellow flags then, as recommended by Surf Life Saving Australia, you should not swim there.¹

3. Read & Obey the Safety Signs

Surf Life Saving Australia says there are two types of safety signs on the beach: Permanently installed beach safety signs including warnings about hazards and prohibited activities. Temporary safety signs that may be erected each day by lifeguards to show specific dangers like rips and currents. Look for both.

4. Swim With a Friend

Never swim alone. There are too many “what ifs” that can occur. What if you get a cramp? What if you get caught in a rip and no one knows? What if you have a heart attack? What if you encounter dangerous sea creatures? Avoid letting your imagination and risk-taking behaviour run wild. Bring a friend.

5. Ask a Lifeguard for Advice

Lifeguards are there to help on most popular beaches. Surf Life Saving Australia encourages you to ask the lifeguards about beach safety in your current location because every beach is different.²

With these safety tips, we hope your beach trips this summer will be both safe and incident-free. Now get out there and make the most of the coast!

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