With these safety tips, we hope your swimming pool sessions this summer will be both safe and enjoyable

The swimming pool is a great place for summer gatherings. There’s almost nothing as iconic about summer as grown-ups relaxing on sun lounges and kids eating ice-cream by the pool.

Despite these pool-side charms, there’s a few precautions that you should keep in mind.

1. Advise and Enforce Pool Safety Rules

For everyone’s safety, there are general pool safety rules that should be followed such as no running, no glassware in the pool area and no pushing.¹ Although you can make guests aware of these rules via pool safety signs, it would be a good idea to also verbally inform guests to enforce the rules.

2. Learn CPR

You can learn CPR online or via manuals but doing an accredited CPR course is the best way to give you hands-on experience. As a precautionary measure, it is also recommended to install a CPR resuscitation chart near the pool to remind guests in case of emergencies.

3. Always Supervise

When there are children in the pool, there should be adult supervision at all times.² While adults can take turns supervising, all children in the pool should maintain a buddy system where each swimmer is paired with another swimmer. To take the glare off supervising, make sure you have a pair of UV protective sunglasses.

4. Have First Aid & Emergency Equipment

Scrapes, bumps and minor injuries can occur anytime around a pool so make sure you have a properly stocked first aid kit nearby. Public pools now have increasing access to AEDs – automated external defibrillators – which are advanced but simple to use devices to help victims of cardiac arrest.

5. Ensure Gates are Locked & Secure

A pool fence and gate can help prevent kids from entering the pool area when not in use. Don’t leave toys in the pool or children may be tempted to retrieve them. Children can be more agile than you think and some are capable of scaling pool fencing and unlocking gates. Remain vigilant.

With these safety tips, we hope your time in the pool this summer will be both safe and enjoyable. Now get out there and organise that summer pool party!

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