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PPE, First Aid and Work Wear

Order PPE equipment, first aid kits and tradie workwear online. Protect workers and visitors from hazards within the workplace. Choose from Seton's wide range of Workwear, Hi-Vis Clothing, PPE equipmentFirst Aid supplies and first aid kits products solutions. Offer employees industrial and hi-visibility vest, shirts, jackets and accessories, head and ear hearing protection, shield the eyes and breathe quality air with our face respirators and face masks. We stock brands such as 3M, Trafalgar First Aid, Heartsine Defibrillators, Lifepak Defibrillators, Bisley men and women's tradie workwear, coloured hard hats, emergency fire accessories, snake bite first aid kits, emergency eye wash stations, safety fall arrest harness, lanyards, and anchors and much more!

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