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Australian owned and 3rd generation family operated, Mattek designs and manufactures a broad range of safety matting including anti fatigue, entrance, wet-area and welding mats. Whether you need a heavy duty safety mat for the workshop or a stylish floor mat for the office Mattek and Seton Australia have a mat to suit you.

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Safety Mat Guide

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue matting is designed to assist workers who stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces. Although standing is a natural position for the body, doing this over many hours causes the legs to work overtime to maintain that position. This reduces blood flow to the body causing the heart to work harder to pump blood to these areas. (CCOHS: Working in a Standing Position - Basic Information 2016)

Choosing an Anti fatigue mat that suits your workplace can help ease worker discomfort and as a result, can lead to increased productivity in your working environment.

  • - Wet Area Mats: Designed specifically to use in wet environments such as wash down areas.
  • - Chemical Resistant: Exposure to most common chemicals and fluids will not deteriorate the mat which makes it ideal for manufacturing or laboratory environments.
  • - Anti Static: Eliminates static around sensitive electronic equipment which is ideal for manufacturing areas and production lines.
  • - Safety Mats: Provide general protection from slips under different conditions such as moisture, oil or squashed food.

Modular Mats

Mattek has a range of modular floor matting which can be fitted together to create custom size mats. Heavy-duty modular mats are ideal for areas such as long production lines or workshops.

Entrance Mats

Mattek has a range of stylish front entry mats that can help remove dirt, dust and water from shoes. Having a stylish but functional entrance mat can help prevent slips by trapping excess water, and can help keep buildings cleaner by removing dirt and dust before entering.

Welding Mats

Designed to resist welding flux and grinding sparks, Mattek rubber welding mats are non-slip and anti fatigue. They can also be used in greasy environments.

Chair Mats

Chair mats can help protect carpet and flooring from the wear and tear of foot traffic and chair wheels. Chair mats also allow chair wheels to glide smoothly around workstations, making movement easier on the user’s back.