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Fire Extinguisher Signs - CO2 Fire Extinguisher, 200mm Dia, Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Provide guidance & crucial information with this Fire Safety Sign

These Fire Safety Marker Discs are perfect for indication purposes in several areas. Fire Safety Signs are diverse in terms of use, they can be utilised in any location. The vibrant red background and white upper-case text easily catches the audience's attention and directs them to a specific location. Commonly used in high-traffic areas such as workspaces and public areas. Recommended to be used within any property with an expected high volume of individuals.

  • Available for purchase in bulk or individually
  • Excellent for identification of the location and type of portable fire extinguishers
  • Displays a high resolution, bold upper-case text
  • Suitable for industries
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Brand Seton
Legend Co2 This Extinguisher To Be Used For Flammable Liquid..
Material Self Adhesive Vinyl
Reflective Self Adhesive
Size 200mm Diameter
UOM Each

Product Details

Bold and vibrant appearance for outstanding recognition

Directs people to the required object or location

High resistance to fading, shrinking and chemicals

Fire Safety Sign

Manufactured with high-quality materials

Adheres to most clean, dry surfaces for easy installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Fire Safety Signs important?

Safety signs are vital in every work environment. They are intended to help individuals avoid any potential hazards, injury or unfortunate circumstances, in specific situations and locations. Fire safety signs are important to mark the locations of fire fighting equipment and facilities such as fire extinguishers and blankets as well as fire doors. This helps enable individuals to take quick action during an emergency. Our Fire Safety Signs will definitely grab attention with its vibrant colours, high resolution print and bold text. Some of our fire safety signs feature a pictorial or graphic to help overcome language barriers and ultimately, communicate key safety messages.

What is the meaning behind each Fire Safety Sign?

Each Fire Safety Sign communicates different messages and has different purposes in accordance to the graphic (pictorial) and legend displayed. Generally, fire signs advise the location of fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment/facilities, such as fire doors, fire blankets and extinguishers.

Is there a standard size for Fire Safety Signs?

As per the Australian standard, AS 1314, safety signs need to be big enough for legibility at the desired viewing distance, which in turn, can be dependent on the size of the facility. Ensuring the legibility of signs will help individuals to follow warnings, instructions, directions and information with ease. As per AS 1314, the height of pictograms need to be a minimum of 15mm per metre of desired viewing distance. Upper-case font sizes should be 5mm per metre of viewing distance and lower-case must be 4mm per metre of viewing distance. The size of the sign also is dependent on the location and the purpose, whether it needs to be seen from a great distance or for easy reading. For example, warning signs may be big in construction zones, to inform workers of hazards on a large plot of land. Besides the size of the sign, users should also ensure that there is adequate lighting and that nothing is blocking the vision of the sign, such as a forklift or dust/dirt.


  • Diameter of 200mm
  • Crisp print for legibility and bold colours to stand out
  • Made of durable Self Adhesive Vinyl material for easy installation
  • Self Adhesive Reflective

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions - 200mm (DIA)
  • Colour - Red, White and Black
  • Material - Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV)
  • Reflective - Self Adhesive

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