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Seton Australia's Online Security

At Seton Australia we make every effort to use the latest technologies and third parties to assure the information you provide is safe and secure.
Some of our online security measures are listed below;

Sectigo Logo

Formerly Comodo CA

Secure Sockets Layer is a technology that enables encryption of sensitive data during online transactions. SSL Certificates provide a minimum of 40-bit and up to 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your data safe. Seton Australia now uses SSL Certificates issued by Sectigo who are the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) and a leading web security solutions company. More than 700K businesses rely on Sectigo solutions to provide multi-layer defense against rising and more sophisticated web-based threats across websites.

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Rackspace Cloud Hosting (AWS)

Our website is hosted on a dedicated AWS cloud server managed by Rackspace. Rackspace is arguably one of the world leaders in web hosting solutions.
Rackpsace web hosting covers all three critical security areas: physical security; operational security; and system security.

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