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*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

EOFY SALE - 30% OFF orders over $499 (inc. GST)* | Coupon: EOFY24

*Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

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Signs & Labels

Why do Seton customers always finish their shop with a smile on their face?

✓ Impressive range of 12,000 signs in many sizes and materials
✓ Peace of mind knowing our Safety Signs are compliant to AS 1319-1994
✓ Freedom to design their own signs to suit their business
✓ Quick and efficient delivery options
✓ Local service that puts customers first

Whether you need to alert your valued employees to potential hazards with a Danger Sign, remind your colleagues to wear hearing protection, or are required to signpost the location of a Defibrillator, Seton's catalogue of signage is as large as it is impressive!

Learn more about some of our top sellers below!

Danger Signs

- Warn employees or visitors of life-threatening hazards
- Variety of materials (including Seton Ultra Tuff) available
- Features a highly visible 'danger' message

Mandatory Signs

- Instruct that an action must be carried out
- Great in warehouse and busy construction sites
- Ensure compliance to safety regulations

First Aid Signs

- Keeps important first aid equipment visible
- Wide range of sizes and materials available

More than meets the eye. Discover the Seton safety sign difference.

At Seton, we go the extra mile to provide you with premium quality safety signs that reflect your business and the people that work there.

We want everyone to return home safely, so we build our Australian-made signs to:

  • Withstand the toughest working environments
  • Stand up to harsh Australian temperatures (cool and hot)
  • Remain visible and save replacement costs by mitigating premature fading or cracking
  • Guard against abrasive chemicals and graffiti (Seton ULTRATUFF™).

How to make your safety signs a sight for all eyes.

Safety signs and messages are only effective if positioned correctly and are large enough for everyone to view without straining their eyes.

Follow this easy four-step guide to ensure visibility of your signs and help everyone return home safely.

  • Position the sign in a prominent position, close to the line of sight when standing and ensure it won’t be blocked by anything.
  • Measure the viewing distance between where the sign will be mounted and where everyone should sight the sign upon entry to the room or site. Use our Sign Guide below to determine the best size.*

  • Ensure there is good lighting so that sign is visible
  • Select the right and compliant size signs

The Australian Standard AS13-19 – 1994 recommends the following minimum sizes when positioning signs prominently in good lighting:

  • Pictogram is at least 15mm per metre of viewing distance
  • Uppercase text must be at least 5mm per metre of viewing distance
  • Lowercase text must be at least 4mm per metre of viewing distance

When in poor lighting, increase the above specifications by 50% to ensure sign falls readily into the line of sight

Disclaimer: The viewing distance guide is only applicable to Brady Australia manufactured signs due to design of artwork.

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