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V Cart Folding Trolley with Bundle Accessories

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Choose a compatible V Cart Accessory Bundle to pair with your V Cart Folding Trolley

Easy to pack and effortless to use, these V Cart Bundles have everything you need to make transporting heavy items in your workplace a breeze. Choose from the following bundles and find the right combination to suit your business and its needs!


  • V Cart Bundle #1: 1 Trolley, 2 Baskets, 1 Toolbox, 1 Cover
  • V Cart Bundle #2: 1 Trolley, 1 Basket, 1 Toolbox, 1x Cover
  • V Cart Bundle #3: 1 Trolley, 2 Baskets, 1 Cover
  • V Cart Bundle #4: 1 Trolley, 1 Basket, 1 Cover
  • V Cart Bundle #5: 1 Trolley, 2 Baskets, 1 Toolbox
  • V Cart Bundle #6: 1 Trolley, 1 Basket, 1 Toolbox
  • V Cart Bundle #7: 1 Trolley, 2 Baskets
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Colour Blue/Black
Warranty 12 months

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Product Details

Measures 1000mm x 600mm x 1070mm

New and improved model uses clever struts to increase the overall load capacity to a whopping 90kg

Glide effortlessly thanks to the smooth ball bearings in each wheel

Folds away easily at the click of a single button

Safety features include a one-click foot pedal brake

Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly and Specifications

Does it come assembled?

The V Cart only comes partly assembled. You will need to attach the wheels to the base of the cart to start using this product. The V Cart comes with instructions on how to do this, and does not require any additional tools to attach the wheels.

How much does the V Cart weigh?

The V Cart once assembled weighs 8.4kg, and is not considered a heavy item. It is recommended that safe work practices are followed when assembling and using the V Cart, avoiding excess strain and repetitive movements that may cause injury to potential stress points on the body.

How many baskets does it come with?

The V Cart comes with one basket. Additional accessories may be purchased here. Seton stocks a wide range of V Cart accessories, as well as bundles that are sure to suit the needs of your business. This product can be customised to fit your company’s requirements, and is capable of stacking up to three baskets on top of each other, as well as suitable toolboxes.

Using the V Cart

The wheels are locking or not rotating, what do I do?

It is important to check that you do not have the wheel park brake function on. If you do have the wheel park brake on, simply release this by pushing the blue foot pedal brake up at the back of the V Cart. This function is used to provide a stable platform to load and unload the trolley, and is a safety feature designed to reduce the potential risk of workplace incidents.

Can this product be used outdoors?

This product is made from a combination of durable injection-moulded plastics and sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminium. If properly looked after and maintained, the V Cart can be used outdoors and in different weather conditions. We recommend the use of the V Cart rain and dust cover (sold separately here) if you need to use your V Cart outside.

What is the maximum weight I can put for each deck?

The V Cart (without struts) has a combined maximum capacity of 75kg. This is split between the two shelves - the bottom shelf is capable of carrying 50kg, while the top shelf has a maximum load capacity of 25kg’s With the new integrated struts, the maximum load capacity is increased to an impressive 90kg (50kg on the bottom shelf, 40kg on the top shelf).
For additional space when carrying large items the top shelf can be pushed back allowing for larger items to be placed. Up to 4 baskets can be stacked on the bottom self.

Will I be able to use my V Cart in tight spaces?

The V Cart has excellent maneuverability and flexibility and is made to be able to pivot around tight environments. The smooth ball bearings in each wheel make steering the cart easy for any use. The light-weight design makes the cart ideal for material handling in small spaces. Please be aware that the V Cart is limited to spaces which are larger than the V Cart’s maximum width – See dimensions for sizing reference.


What is the best way to store my V Cart?

Thanks to the V Cart’s one-push button function that makes folding the trolley easy and effortless, the cart can be fit in most locations. Once folded, the trolley measures only 1070mm in length, 740mm in width and 540mm in height, making it easy to transport or store in the office. The wheels are able to be removed with the push button function that allows for easy storing and transportation. Wheels can be safely stored in the holders underneath the cart.


  • Made from injection moulded plastic and aluminium for a light-weight, durable design
  • Trolley folds neatly and compact for easy storage
  • Wheels can be removed with the press of a button and stored underneath for transportation
  • Baskets can be secured using the trolley's suspension clips

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Size Assembled - 1000mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 1070mm (H)
  • Overall Size Folded - 740mm (L) x 540mm (W) x 105mm (H)
  • Overall Basket Dimensions External - 560mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 260mm (H)
  • Overall Basket Dimensions Internal - 525mm (L) x 365mm (W) x 255mm (H)
  • Total Trolley Capacity With Struts - 90kg - (40kg Top Shelf & 50kg Bottom Shelf)
  • Material - Injection-moulded plastic and aluminium
  • Weight - 8.4kg

Compatible Accessories

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Bundle #6 1 Trolley, 1 Basket, 1 Toolbox A50000 Shop Now
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